Orhideea Sky Restaurant

“Il faut manger pour vivre ou vivre pour manger?”.

In other words, do we live to eat or eat to live? We think that every meal is an experience of getting to know the ingredients and meals, and also a way of allowing the culinary creation to communicate with our taste buds. Thanks to the amazing sight and the urban scenery, the fresh air and natural light, the time spent at the 11th floor amplifies the feeling of detachment and relaxation.

Forget about the price and chase away all the thoughts that don’t allow you to embrace the pleasant atmosphere on the roof terrace. No matter if you’re having breakfast with your family, have a business meeting, want to have lunch with your colleagues or plan a romantic dinner, we offer you delightful days at a high altitude.

Breakfast is included in your reservation.



No. 145B Calea Plevnei, Bucharest


+40 215 696 360




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